“Creating a Declaration for Human Rights in Sports”

Dates and information for the 2017 Athletes and Social Change program coming soon!


The Forum is designed to advance education, advocacy, and research on the role and contribution of athletes toward social change, human rights, and development. We welcome practitioners, scholars, policymakers, athletes, and advocates who are working to advance the realm of athletes and social change through the six core values of Muhammad Ali:  Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect, and Spirituality.

This Forum will focus on the following considerations:

1. The roles and responsibilities athletes have beyond the playing field.

2. The ways athletes can serve as educators and advocates to address social
problems within and outside of sports.

3. How the global sporting community encourages or discourages athletes working
in the realm of social change.

4. The roles educational institutions play in providing grounding for athletes to make
the connections between athletics, academics, and the community.

5. The role and impact of media in how athletes can affect social change.

6. The intersection and convergence of athletes, sports, and politics.

Forum Organizers

  • Eli Wolff :: Brown University
  • Mary Hums :: University of Louisville
  • Hudson Taylor :: Athlete Ally


  • Erin Buzuvis – Western New England University
  • Helen Carroll – National Center for Lesbian Rights
  • Emma Collucci – Right to Play
  • Paulo David – Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Jurgen Griesbeck – streetfootballworld
  • Pat Griffin – UMass-Amherst
  • Kerri Heffernan – Engaged Sport & Brown University
  • Nancy Hogshead – Champion Women
  • Mary Hums – University of Louisville & Athletes for Human Rights
  • Marion Keim – University of Western Cape
  • Richard Lapchick – University of Central Florida
  • Greg Louganis – Olympian
  • Cameron Myler – Olympian, NYU Professor
  • Carole Ogelsby – International Working Group Women in Sport
  • Delise O’Meally – National Consortium for Academics and Sports
  • Ann Peel – SportsCorps Canada
  • Hudson Taylor – Athlete Ally
  • Eli Wolff – Brown University & Athletes for Human Rights
  • Ethan Zohn – GrassrootSoccer

Please contact Eli Wolff at eli_wolff@brown.edu if you would like to be included as a Forum supporter.

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