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Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali’s life and legacy are inspirational and impactful. The lessons learned are universal and transformative; his global footprint is enormous. Muhammad Ali is one of a select few individuals to have transcended athleticism into a symbol of larger societal issues and it is the totality of his life and the core principles that have guided him that have made him one of the most beloved symbols of peace and well-being in our nation and the world.

His awareness of the needs of the developing world has guided much of his good work. He has served as a symbol of hope and a catalyst for constructive international dialogue, has delivered sorely-needed medical supplies to an embargoed Cuba, provided more than 22 million meals to the world’s hungry, and helped secure the release of 15 U.S. hostages from Iraq during the first Gulf War. As testament to his work in developing nations, the United Nations named him a Messenger of Peace, and he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as well as Amnesty International’s Lifetime Achievement Award. In September 2012, he was the recipient of the prestigious National Constitution Center Liberty Medal.

Beyond Mr. Ali’s international efforts, he is equally devoted to helping charities at home. In addition to co-founding the Muhammad Ali Center with his wife Lonnie, Mr. Ali hosts the annual Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix, is involved as a founding member of Athletes for Hope, and contributes substantially to the awareness and research efforts of Parkinson’s disease. Muhammad Ali has proven that one person can change the world.


Confidence Belief  in oneself, one’s abilities, and one’s future.
Conviction A firm belief that gives one the courage to stand behind that belief, despite pressure to do otherwise.
Dedication The act of devoting all of one’s energy, effort, and abilities to a certain task.
Giving To present voluntarily without expecting something in return.
Respect Esteem for, or a sense of the worth or excellence of, oneself and others.
Spirituality A sense of awe, reverence, and inner peace inspired by a connection to all of creation and/or that which is greater than oneself.